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Sophie has outgrown her school shoes. I prefer to buy Clarks shoes. I am not sure if they really are best for little feet now a days, but when I was little and my mum, a chiropadist, bought my shoes, she always bought them in Clarks. She used to talk about the damage other leading shoe manufacturers did to growing feet. Clarks shoes are expensive. Not Jimmy Choo expensive but when I am kitting the children out in their school shoes at the begining of the school year it could set me back anything from £150 upwards.
McArthur Glen is a factory outlet near York which has a Clarks. The shoes may be end of line or last season but are perfectly fine brand new shoes. The difference is they are generally half the price of our local Clarks.
It was a bit of a mission to get there as there was road works, so five miles of the journey was done bumper to bumper. Annie chose this time to get hungry. One year old baby hungry isn’t a quiet affair. It is an all body and vocal chords reinactment of Carmina Burana but louder. Luckily I discovered an emergency packet of jaffa cakes in the glovebox which patched the pangs till I could fetch my bag from the boot with her food  in it. I bet Annie couldn’t believe her luck. Jaffa cakes aren’t usually introduced into toddler diets till they are older then 3. She got chocolate on her face, on her clothes, in her hair and on her feet. Tasty toes.
Clarks have a new way of measuring feet. The foot is placed on a board attached to an ipad. The measurements are taken, then an electronic strip is placed across the widest part of the foot to record the width. This is all written on a slip of paper and passed to the parent/guardian who may only then gain entry to Clarks. I suppose this is to cut down on congestion inside the store and ensure those inside have all the information needed to achieve correct shoe fitting.
Unfortunately Sophie’s sizes weren’t comfortable under her ankle and instead of insisting ‘it will be fine’and ending up with nasty blisters she agreed to try some other shoes somewhere else. We may well end up in the normal Clarks paying top price but at least we tried the factory shop first and I know her feet will grow properly in well fitting shoes. Mum would be proud.

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    You would make your mum proud on just about everything, my lovely friend…x

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