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The children are winding each other up today. Each one is finely tuned to the others sensitive issues and is mercilessly agitating them and then complaining when their sibling reacts in an unpleasant manner. I have no siblings. I cannot understand why anyone would want to annoy, hit or be rude to anyone else. Apparently it’s all completely normal. Currently… Read more →

Scout cycling trip

Felix has been on a scout camp cycling adventure for the past 3 days. He had a wonderful time and arrived home today pink cheeked and glowing with outdoorness. After his bath he retired to bed with his cat for a well earned sleep.

Funny things children say

I was showing Sophie’s little friend our guinea pig. In a bid to introduce some educational facts into the situation, I pointed to Snowy’s red eyes and asked, ‘ do you know what you call an animal with red eyes?’ Sophie’s friend looked up at me as he replied with absolute certainty, ‘evil’.

What’s The Theme Tune Of Your Life?

Wet Wet Wet, ‘Goodnight girl’ was number 1 on my 14th birthday.  Apparently your 14th birthday tune is your life theme tune. Obviously, looking at the above single proves that that idea is Rubbish! In America the number 1 at that time was Right said Fred ‘I’m too sexy’. Maybe not better but definitely funnier. Have a go by clicking… Read more →

Sophie funny

I bought Annie a book which plays her nursery rhymes. This isn’t such a great purchase for the following reasons. Number 1, as one song is playing the baby can press another tune which will then play along side the first. A cacophany of plinky plonky noise then issues from the book till the last rhyme has run it’s course…. Read more →

Gardening good for more then your soil

I spent an hour this morning digging in the front garden. Fat worms curled in every spade full happy to return to their¬† freshly turned home and afterwards I felt a sense of contentment as I surveyed my weed free plot. My feel good mood may not have been simply due to the fact the garden looked better but also… Read more →

Parents evening

Parents evening went well tonight. As a governor I was able to chat to parents about their experience of the school and address any concerns they might have. Now that parents know and can recognise the governors it will hopefully encourage them to come find us in the playground should there be an issue they would like to discuss. Sophie’s… Read more →