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I bought Annie a book which plays her nursery rhymes. This isn’t such a great purchase for the following reasons.
Number 1, as one song is playing the baby can press another tune which will then play along side the first. A cacophany of plinky plonky noise then issues from the book till the last rhyme has run it’s course. Dj’s aren’t allowed to mix that badly and neither should books. Number 2, I believe you are supposed to sing along with the songs but, as Sophie discovered, the book plays in a key unattainable by mere humans and at a tempo that is so fast it’s impossible to fit all the lyrics into. I laughed as I watched her determined to get three blind mice right. She steadied herself, had a quick review of the words, then took a deep breath and depressed the button to release the music. Three seconds later the song had finished whilst Sophie was still running after the farmers wife. Bless her and her perseverance, she went straight back to try again. Two more attempts and it was bedtime. As she pottered off to go wash her teeth I accidently lost the book down the back of my bed. Oops.

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