Currently Matt and I are on a detox diet for a month. We have given up meat, dairy, caffeine and sugar, basically allow our favourite things. The children are amused and bemused. Sophie is very supportive and kind towards her parents who obviously have a screw loose to think of giving up such yummy things. Felix is ignoring the fact we are doing anything out of the ordinary, and Jay finds it hilarious to talk about and devour forbidden delights in front of us. I don’t really approve of obviously dieting and being food faddy or talking about food that is ‘fattening’ around the children. I wouldn’t want to cause them to think about being fat or food they shouldn’t eat. They are children. They should be able to enjoy all food guilt free. I view this food adventure Matt and I am on differently. By our age we have eaten a lot of junk food. It’s about time we give our bodies a break. Even if it is only for a month. Or 4 days in Matt’s case as he is off on yet another stag do this weekend. Four days detox, three days retox.

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