Double wedding


We were lucky enough to be invited to attend two weddings yesterday.
Matt’s brother Martin married Charlotte in a beautiful ceremony  and afterwards we joined everyone in a lovely reception held at Charlotte’s family farm. There was a photo booth with a full box of dressing up props to play with. Annie didn’t like the donkey head sombrerro combo Felix wore but we did end up with some funny pictures. The toilets had James bond Skyfall playing at all times, which kept Annie amused. She has never before had her nappy changed whilst a massive shoot out is being played out on tv. As day time turned to night and the guests to the dance floor we headed off to our next wedding, that of Ricky and the amazing Zoe. We missed the fun bus, Zoe in her blue cat suit and the children discovering the mud bath puddle in the garden but did make it in time to watch the music free for all on stage and the absolute joy and fun on everyone’s faces having a fantastic time.
Good luck you beautiful people. Wishing you love, health and happiness together forever.

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