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Blue skies

Hurray for blue skies today. Warm sunbeams and dappled light glinting through the trees on the way to school. Feels a little summery. Time to dig out my sunshine shoes.

Busy week

Last night I attended a governor Finance training and tonight a full governing body meeting. Both were very informative and I am glad I went, however neither concluded till after nine pm. I am so tired. After sorting out washing, dishwasher and pack lunches I am now snuggled up in bed listening to Matt reading a vegan cook book out… Read more →


The time came when everyone in the house needed their hair to be cut. It’s tricky when there are so many people organising everyone to be at a salon at the same time. Luckily we have Chantelle. Every few months Chantelle arrives at Dragondrop. Holding court in the kitchen armed with her scissors she chops, trims, dyes and styles each… Read more →

Dandylion clocks

Dandylion clocks

Sophie and Annie love dandylion clocks. I remember last year Sophie was blowing the little parachute seeds from the dandylion head and counting them. She looked at me in amazement..’It isn’t 17 o’ clock’. ‘No I agreed’. ‘The dandylion clock is wrong!’ she gasped. Then she thought for a moment. ‘It doesn’t tell the real time?’ ‘No, my darling, it… Read more →


Happy May day. In like a lion, be it a damp soggy lion, and out like sunshiney lamb.