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Safe home

Jay is home from London bringing tales of the underground and all it’s many coloured lines, curried  guinea fowl his new favourite food, dirty tactics during exciting football matches, much more and how he loved it all. We are so lucky that the children have such wonderful relatives who they can go and visit, who want to spend time with… Read more →

Sophie funny

Sophie and I were reading a story I wrote for a friend’s two children, called ‘A firey tale’. It features both the children and their animal of choice. David loved dragons and Anabeth’s favourite were horses particularly palamino ponies. As I tucked Sophie into bed she said with a yawn, ‘ Mama,  just like Anabeth, I like jalapeno ponies too’…. Read more →

The tomatillo mystery

The tomatillo mystery

The lovely Tinana gave the lovely Kath and I a tomatillo plant each. Unbeknownst to us tomatillo plants will not bear fruit unless another tomatillo plant is near by. Once Tinana discovered his fact she quickly got in touch to let us know. Kath then offered me her plant as it was still in it’s pot. The problem was that… Read more →

Felix's gig

Felix’s gig

Felix plays percussion. Here are some pictures from his Sunday gig. They played a medley of tunes before bowing out to loud applause.

Wedding anniversary weekend

Wedding anniversary weekend

Friday dawned with blue skies and the promise of good weekend weather, perfect for a wedding reception in a field. Arriving with trailer tent entow we surprised the lovely owners who informed us that due to the bride’s mother being terribly poorly the reception had been cancelled. We were welcome to stay though and by the way their donkey was… Read more →

Annie’s diet

So far today Annie has eaten a snail, eaten mud and rubbed egg and beans in her hair instead of eating them and then eaten them.Annie has has her hands washed ( I can now confirm it is very hard to remove squished  snail slime from baby skin) and mouth rinsed out so many times but thinks it’s all the… Read more →

The Gardener’s Arms

Matt and I took the opportunity today to sit in the beer garden at The Gardeners Arms whilst we waited for Sophie to finish Beavers. Matt had a pint or two whilst I enjoyed a cider shandy, a tasty concoction I discovered last year. Annie tried her first crisp (it didn’t spike her in the throat and choke her like… Read more →


Teenagers are tricky creatures. I haven’t ever had one of my own before and like babies they don’t come with a manual.I feel a little like I have been thrown into a hostile country where I don’t speak the language or understand the customs.  Currently I am trying to figure out the best way forward as I muddle my way… Read more →


Whilst outside tidying up the front garden I noticed my barren gooseberry bush had sprouted fruit. For years it has produced nothing, yet this year six plump berries now hang from it’s spikey branches. I got very excited and told Matt. ‘Yum’,he exclaimed, ‘gooseberry crumble’. ‘ Not yet’, I replied, ‘however I could probably get enough filling if we use… Read more →

Goodbye Clover

Goodbye Clover

Matt and Clover has just set off on Clover’s last Dragondrop mission. She has been sold to two of our very good friends,  so at least she is still kept in the family. We have had so many lovely times in Clover, so many amazing adventures and so many fabulous memories. However we have outgrown her and since we embarked… Read more →

Muddy Mo

Muddy Mo

Annie- Mo and Aunty Rachel and I enjoyed a wonderful morning in the garden. Whilst Annie pottered about making mud pies and getting fabulously filthy, Rachel and I drank cups of tea and Rachel opened her birthday presents.