The tomatillo mystery


The lovely Tinana gave the lovely Kath and I a tomatillo plant each. Unbeknownst to us tomatillo plants will not bear fruit unless another tomatillo plant is near by. Once Tinana discovered his fact she quickly got in touch to let us know. Kath then offered me her plant as it was still in it’s pot. The problem was that I had repotted half the plants Tinana had given me and the rest had been eaten by the hordes of slugs and snails that patrol my vegetable patch on the lookout for nubile and tender leafed plants. I never labeled the repotted plants ( I like surprises) so I had no idea whether the tomatillo was still alive.
‘Please send me a picture of your tomatillo,’ I asked Kath, which she kindly did but my phone couldn’t download the picture. ‘Can you describe it to me, are it’s leaves tomatoey ? ‘Tomatoey isn’t even word but I knew what I meant and I bet Kath did too. Luckily before we got too deeply into the taxonomy of tomatillo’s Kath had the clever idea of posting the picture on Facebook and tagging me in it. At last I could see the tomatillo in all it’s glory. No, it’s leaves are not tomatoey and yes I do have one in my garden, soon to be transferred to Kath’s garden, which is much safer then mine . No marauding slugs and she has a greenhouse. Compared with  my vegetable patch that makes it almost Kew.

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