Wedding anniversary weekend

Friday dawned with blue skies and the promise of good weekend weather, perfect for a wedding reception in a field. Arriving with trailer tent entow we surprised the lovely owners who informed us that due to the bride’s mother being terribly poorly the reception had been cancelled. We were welcome to stay though and by the way their donkey was in labour, which was a complete surprise since they had no idea she was pregnant. Since we were all ready and prepared to camp, and the field looked so green and inviting, so we decided to stay.
Our good friend Ali was filming a road kill gourmet chef section for a new tv series and I knew she had been looking for a beautiful venue to film in. Whilst out gathering supplies in an area with mobile phone signal, Matt contacted Ali who was delighted with our field suggestion and a plan was made. Saturday was spent enjoying the sunshine, relaxing and watching Ali being filmed preparing pigeon, pheasant and the pies de resistance, crow. Then we got try the finished result, all of which was delicious, even the crow. Music and camp fire, good friends and new friends, it was such a brilliant day and the perfect way to spend our wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary to Nana and Grandad too, I hope we get to be together happily married as long they have. Also welcome to the married world Tal and Bernie, wishing you both so much happiness, forever together.

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    Awwww, what lovely pics, I can’t get over how quickly they all grow up! It was a lovely time, thank you for being great friends. xxxxxxxxxx

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