Not the most peaceful Friday departure

It was the school fair today, a chaotic, busy, exhausting affair that parents endure twice a year because their children love it. Luckily I had a ‘get out of jail’ early card in the form of needing to get home by four o’clock to ensure the boys had packed, eaten and departed to camp on time. Having given strict orders that Felix’s friend was not to come over today after school and the boys must have packed by the time Sophie and I returned, I arrived home to find Felix’s friend stood in the hallway with Jaygo who hadn’t even attempted to pack. I ushered one out the door and one upstairs and set about making tea so the boys could eat before they depart. To keep Annie amused I plopped her into the paddling pool (much to her delight) and continued scrabbling eggs and rooting out the various items my boys needed for camp but couldn’t locate. Felix appeared, rucksack ready and sat down to eat. Jay appeared with two small rucksacks explaining how his larger rucksack was lost. He was also insistent that his hoodie was waterproof and anyway, he explained loudly, there was no space in either of his bags for anything else. I preceded to open his bag in order to use mama magic to squish his waterproofs in, when I discovered why they wouldnt fit. After removing two big diablos, two sets of sticks and a big bag of computer games Jaygo’s  waterproofs fit beautifully alongside the sole item of clothing he had decided to bring…one pair of pants, for two days, and nothing else.
Whilst all the above was going on Annie was happily pottering between the pool and her tent, naked as the day she was born.
I heard a scream.
‘Mama, Annie is in the tent and is covered in poo.’
I went and grabbed Annie rinsed her in the paddling pool and brought her upstairs to wash her properly in the bath before drying her off and letting her wander off along the landing. I hurried back downstairs to continue cooking and organising Jay. Out of the corner of eye I noticed Felix wandering past with Annie but didnt think anything of it until suddenly my mama instincts pinged. I ran outside to find Annie back in her paddling pool. So it was back upstairs and into the bath again. Eventually the boys were ready and on their way. Annie was clean and ready for bed. Sophie was packed and ready for her beaver camp tomorrow and I was ready for a sit down and a glass of pimms.

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