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Peaceful house

Annie is in bed and I have run out of sandpaper. As I can no longer sand the kitchen floor I decided to have an evening of relaxing and reading ‘The cat’s cradle’ by Kurt Vonnegut. I am really enjoying the book so far. Elsie and I are currently snuggled up on the sofa and the house is very peaceful… Read more →

Not the most peaceful Friday departure

It was the school fair today, a chaotic, busy, exhausting affair that parents endure twice a year because their children love it. Luckily I had a ‘get out of jail’ early card in the form of needing to get home by four o’clock to ensure the boys had packed, eaten and departed to camp on time. Having given strict orders… Read more →

Number 1

Number 1 on the list of things you don’t want to hear when you are just about to run out the door to get Sophie to school. ‘Mama.’ ‘Yes Sophie?’ ‘I was just looking at the cat and when I looked back Annie had discovered the paddling pool.’ Queue moment for deep calming breath. Note to self… Empty said paddling… Read more →

Happy Tour de Yorkshire day

The day dawned damp and grey but has brightened up beautifully. Good luck to everyone taking part, not only the cyclists but the Marshalls, tea and coffee helpers, sound/lighting engineers and all of those people who have a role to play in making this event spectacular.