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Super moon

Last night the moon was a super moon as it was close to the earth. It’s also known as the corn moon on the pagan moon calander . This means the moon looks very large and bright and the tides will be unusually high. At Poppet Sands, the beach closest to us, the water at it’s highest point will cover… Read more →


I recently discovered the family love chilli accompanied by salsa and tortilla chips. Having a friend who sells fresh herbs and spices is very handy as I was able to text her my list and then pick the order up when I went to collect Sophie from school. The difference in the quality of the spices from my friend to… Read more →

Jay and Pi funny

Jay to Pi,’You are a lassie’. Pi most affronted,’I am not’. Jay again.’Do you even know what a lassie is?’ ‘Yes, it’s a dog’. ‘No silly, it’s a girl, don’t you know any Scottish?’ ‘No you are silly, it’s a famous dog that finds children down wells.’