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Annie and I visited Aunty Sue at Harewood house today. Aunty Sue had suggested we meet in the restaurant to have some lunch before feeding the penguins. Annie loves birds and for the past couple of days we have been talking about the birds in the Harewood house bird garden and reading books about penguins. Today we even brought our… Read more →

Harvest sunday

Today was harvest sunday at church. It seems little has changed since I was small and attended the harvest service. People brought cans and food,dusty  from the backs of their cupboards to donate to various local charities the church supports. There is many a homeless and less fortunate person who will be tasked with the job of figuring out what… Read more →



What an amazing birthday spread, seafood platter, champagne, desert, fresh bread and real butter. How delicious and what a treat. Thank you Fi you gorgeous lady, Matt was so surprised and soo happy with this unexpected feast.

Dad and Dennis

Dad and Dennis

It’s nice to see that even grown ups like my Dad and his friend Dennis can still do silly things that make them smile. I just hope Lizzisaurus Rex doesn’t develop a taste for smoking.

Tasting tray

Tasting tray

Our local pub serves lots of different beers, often having unusual guest beers on tap. I love trying different beers but it can get a little leery on a school night. To counteract this the pub has come up with a tasting tray. This consists of three glasses, each one third of a a pint. I like to get three… Read more →

Elsie dog memoir

I entered a memoir competition this weekend. I received an email today to say unfortunately the memoir must be my own and using Elsie dog diary wasn’t allowed. Still it was fun to look over all my Elsie musings. They brought back some funny memories that made us all smile. The diary is still online if anyone else would like… Read more →

Not quite organised

Monday mornings can be quite hectic in the dragondrop household. To make matters worse I normally collect our shopping from Asda at eight and whisk it home for everyone to then make pack lunches and depart for school/work. This weekend I had a cunning plan to collect my shopping on Sunday evening then everyone could make their lunches   and not… Read more →

A Fishy tail

I discovered something interesting today. Whilst filing some paperwork I came across my fridge manual. As it’s far more interesting then paperwork I had a flick through and discovered my fridge has a drip tray in it’s back. I had no idea that although I had cleaned out the frozen fish drips from inside the fridge there was a whole… Read more →

Today’s news from dragondrop

Felix had his school leavers vaccinations today. He was a very brave boy. He is very handsome. He is the best. He is sat next to me dictating this. After her bath this morning Annie painted her tummy with her new markers. Imagine my surprise when I went to pop her nappy on and discovered she had also coloured in… Read more →


Hurray, the washing machine is fixed, Sophie worked very hard and got all her spellings correct, the children tidied the kitchen whilst I was at a governors meeting and the evenings are currently still warm enough to not require a coat.  It’s all good, long may it last.

Washing rations

Oh no, our washing machine has broken again. This time it won’t progress past the first two minutes. I have checked the filter only to find half a ds stylus. That reminds me of the joke  what is worse then finding a maggot in your Apple? Finding half a maggot. What is worse then finding a stylus in your filter?… Read more →