Not quite organised

Monday mornings can be quite hectic in the dragondrop household. To make matters worse I normally collect our shopping from Asda at eight and whisk it home for everyone to then make pack lunches and depart for school/work. This weekend I had a cunning plan to collect my shopping on Sunday evening then everyone could make their lunches   and not have to worry in the morning. Peace would reign and it would be a most Zen like start to the week.  All this organisation and forward planning must have gone to my head because before ordering my shopping I checked the delivery calender to see if I could place my Christmas order now and be ahead of the rush. I couldn’t, so instead placed my order for this week’s groceries. When I arrived at asda to collect my shopping I was informed my order wasn’t on their books for today. Full of righteousness I showed my email confirmation only to then spot the date wasn’t today but next Sunday. Whilst fiddling with the calender I obviously hadn’t put it back to this week’s page and accidentally clicked to collect next Sunday. So Annie and I drove home empty handed. Later I amended my order so I coukd collect it in the morning. Ah well, next Sunday it will be a different story and I will always try to make sure I double check the dates when I book.

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