Tasting tray

Our local pub serves lots of different beers, often having unusual guest beers on tap. I love trying different beers but it can get a little leery on a school night. To counteract this the pub has come up with a tasting tray. This consists of three glasses, each one third of a a pint. I like to get three totally different beers, one mild, one medium and a nice dark stouty one to finish off. Drinking this way is great. It’s like having the fun of a beer festival but without the poorly head in the morning. Today I tried roosters green hop ( bland and not very interesting), ruby red (a very tasty ale,) and a dark liquorice flavoured porter that was lovely. I also tried a sample of dark star which was the best. I would definitely go back for another try of that one.


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  1. Matt frum DragonDrop
    Matt frum DragonDrop 24 September, 2014 at 7:47 pm |

    Roosters real hop was nice! I loved ruby rose though. Went back for another go.

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