Washing rations

Oh no, our washing machine has broken again. This time it won’t progress past the first two minutes. I have checked the filter only to find half a ds stylus. That reminds me of the joke  what is worse then finding a maggot in your Apple? Finding half a maggot. What is worse then finding a stylus in your filter? Half a stylus. Especially if it means the other half is stuck in the washing drum mechanism. It’s no wonder washer women were strong, hand washing is hard work but wringing out the water afterwards is the hardest. I need a mangle. I wonder if android do a mangle app? The family is on washing clothes shut down. Only properly dirty clothes in the wash bin, none of the tidy room into the laundry bin shenanigans. Annie is in biodegradable disposable nappies instead of reusable to also cut down on washing. Laundry rationing is in full force at dragondrop. Hopefully the washing machine repair man can come tomorrow and we will be up and spinning by tomorrow night.

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