Winter residence

Snowy has been returned to his winter residence in the banqueting hall. We are all delighted to hear his squeaks and snuffles as he potters around in his cage. He gets so much more attention being inside and he is played with all the time. Sophie and Annie love getting him out for cuddles or to brush him and feed him tasty green treats like cucumber or cabbage. There have been a few occasions where I have discovered Annie in Snowy’s cage. Once she was sat on the straw as pleased as punch popping pieces of guinea pig kibble into his house, another time Jay and I heard Annie complaining and found her stuck inside Snowy’s cage where she had opened the clasp, snuck in and the lid had shut and locked her in. She hasn’t done it since. She also seems to have given up sharing the guinea pig water even though it comes in a handy Annie sized bottle with a metal straw. Today Sophie had a friend from school to play. They painted jam jars then played with Snowy until tea time. It was lovely to watch and Snowy and Annie enjoyed sharing the cucumber too.


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