Here are some recent Annie-Mo pictures. Just like her big sister and one of her older brother’s, Annie is very into shoes. They don’t even need to be hers or fit perfectly. She loves being outside and enjoys climbing up onto people’s doorsteps then shouting ‘ready’ and jumping off. Each new day brings new words and new exciting things to see and discover. Today’s new word was ‘Chloe’ which handily rhymes with ‘Snowy’ a word she already could say. Yesterday’s  new word was ‘ready’. Just as well she mastered ‘ready’ with all those door steps to jump off. Annie has also mastered getting into the fridge and all the drawers in the kitchen. Stair gates have been placed stragically around the kitchen to lessen the occurrence of tiny Annie bites in all the apples. Recently she ate a pork pie from the fridge through the plastic and often I find her wandering about with a cauliflower shouting for Snowy our guinea pig to come eat it. Needless to say Annie intrepid kitchen explorer and Elsie, eater of crumbs and leftover pork pies wonder dog are firm friends and often seen nose to nose after a successful kitchen rampage.


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