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Johnny Clasper

Every year our school hosts a disco and silent auction. Parents and friends of the school donate prizes which people bid for by writing the amount they would like to pay on a list underneath the prize. The winner is the last amount recorded when the time runs out. This year I won two tickets to the Harrogate fringe festival,… Read more →

Sophie-Pi and Annie-Mo's Christening

Sophie-Pi and Annie-Mo’s Christening

Today Sophie-Pi and Annie-Mo were christened at Christ church. Sophie was very excited and had spent a lot of last night reading up on what would occur during the service. Soptic, ‘so the vicar will throw water over me Mama?’ Me,’ Not quite throw darling, more daub’. Dada, ‘yes, it isn’t like it’s the ‘holy bucket challenge’. Sophie, ‘ I… Read more →

Bebe Clarence

Bebe Clarence

Today we had the privilege of meeting bebe Clarence for the first time. He is completely gorgeous and had every lady in the house big and little cooing over him. Sophie got to have the first cuddle. She is amazing with babies and just swoops in and they all adore her.


Annie is a big fan of shoes. However she often manages to loose one. Even the shortest of journeys can result in a shoe going missing. If she keeps it up at this rate she will have to learn to hop.