Sophie-Pi and Annie-Mo’s Christening

Today Sophie-Pi and Annie-Mo were christened at Christ church. Sophie was very excited and had spent a lot of last night reading up on what would occur during the service.
Soptic, ‘so the vicar will throw water over me Mama?’
Me,’ Not quite throw darling, more daub’.
Dada, ‘yes, it isn’t like it’s the ‘holy bucket challenge’.
Sophie, ‘ I am going to wear this dress.’
Me,’Ok sweetie’.
Sophie, ‘Actually I am going to wear this dress.’
Me, ‘that’s lovely.’
Sophie, ‘Nope I am definitely wearing this one.’
Luckily the outfit Sophie eventually chose was her gorgeous brides maid one from Henry and Ele’s wedding. Obviously accessorised by her new sparkley heels. Annie- Mo wore a very cute blue bodiced dress with lots of netting and frilly bottomed tights. When she was introduced to the congregation by the vicar the whole church ahhhhhed at how very cute she looked. Linda the vicar was fabulous. She involved all the children in the service, from introducing each child who was being baptised to the congregation to getting all the children to congregate around the font for the blessing of the water then getting them to throw water over everyone sat in the pews. Sophie loved it and would have throughly soaked us all had she had the time to refill her hands. Annie-Mo being a water baby at heart was very impressed with the font and it was touch and go as to whether she shouted to be allowed to play in the font longer then just the few seconds it took her to be baptised. All the Godmothers looked gorgeous and the Godfathers looked so smart standing with their little Goddaughters. After the service we all headed back to Dragondrop central for a fantastic spread whipped up by Matt accompanied by Fi’s famous egg sandwiches,Denise’s ham sandwiches, Deborah’s superb rocky road Rachel’s rocket and star biscuits and Donna’s pretty cup cakes. All washed down with lashings and lashings of fentimans Rose lemonade. Sophie and Annie had such a splendid day, thank you to everyone who was there in body and mind to make it such special day to be remembered forever.

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