Hospital again

Jay was walking backwards and fell over, his mate fell heavily on top of him and Jay was unable to get up even after his mate had moved. Half past one this afternoon I received a panicked call from school asking me to come and collect Jay to bring him to a&e. Luckily Matt was able to leave work early to look after the girls whilst I did the hospital run, Annie in a crowded a&e room would be no fun at all. Three hours, two doctors and four xrays later Jay was diagnosed with a sprained back and chest, given two paracetamol and told he would feel worse tomorrow. I am so glad he is ok and we didn’t need to stay over night. When I had got the ‘need to go to hospital’ alarm, I had acted on autopilot gathering all I would require for a stop over in hospital. This habit, born from the frequency that particular event has occurred in our lives post children. In case you’re wondering this is what was on my list; Pants, charger,book,moisturiser, snuggley pashmina,chocolate,money for car park/food/emergencies, contact lenses case and glasses.Thank goodness none of it was needed today.

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