House clearance

The time for clearing is upon me yet again. This time it’s getting serious. All my old set lists, writings, big snuggley grey boots, all heading towards the door. I would like a massive skip and then I could just bin the lot and it would be gone before I can change my mind. I have been a bit sneaky and redistributed a lot of my things to the house’s other inhabitants, then if I do miss that object too much I can always get it back. I really am rubbish at getting rid of things. My mantra is ‘do you love it?’ if the answer is no then bin it. The problem is I might not love my yoga mat but maybe one day I may need it if I ever have cleared a big enough space in my life that I have time to salute the sun whilst practising my yogic breathing. Perhaps I will let it stay a little longer on top of my wardrobe whilst I go put the baby to bed and have some snuggle and story time.

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