The Devonshire Place

Tonight was the opening of our new local,The Devonshire Place. Matt and I bobbed by in between scouts drop off and pick up to check out what was on offer. The bar is the first thing that you come across when you enter. To the left are shelves containing bottles of beer and to the right a bay window seating area with chalk board listing the beverages on tap. There was a good selection. I tried the Copper Dragon Pippen which was awful. I quickly exchanged it for a Guinness porter only to be told they didn’t have any so plumped for the Harrogate porter. It was ok. Nice and dark but slightly watery and not enough substance. I like my porters with an edge of chocolate or liquorice to give them some depth. Since I was driving I really wanted my choice of drink to be worthy of the fact I could only have just over a half pint so I then swapped my porter for a Brewdog Deadpony. Great name.This was amazing. A bit fizzy but light and deeply floral but not too perfumy. A really tasty beer. I was surprised that there was no Roosters on the menu. I wonder if it’s because their main rival the Black Swan or mucky duck as it’s known locally has Roosters on tap at all times? To the back of the pub were lots of nooks and corners, candles illuminated the tables and victoriana filamented bulbs glowed dimly above us. A smoking area was situated out a door around the back of the bar with enough space for a bench and a couple of smokers. The Devonshire doesn’t feel like a new pub. It’s dark painted walls and old world fixtures lend it a lived in feel that was instantly welcoming. We are lucky now in Harrogate that after a period of decent pub deprivation we now have four to choose from, The Tap, The Back Swan, The Devonshire and Major Toms. That’s almost enough for a pub crawl. All we need now is a decent music venue with a dance floor.


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