Poor little Annie-Mo is still poorly. Thank goodness we currently have a fully functioning washing machine as I must have done at least four loads of washing today. The weather was beautiful, a gorgeous blue skied, crisp winter’s day. However -1 is no temperature for drying washing so inside the house there is washing draped everywhere. Today has been the worst day of Annie’s sickness. I do hope she feels better tomorrow and no one else comes down with it. On the brighter side Jay made tea tonight. Homemade sausage rolls, beans and Dutch apple cake for desert. Very tasty. We are also reading a book called ‘the Dragon’s Keeper’. The book is set in A mythical Chinaesque country. Jay is so enthusiastic about reading the book that I can barely get him to stop at bedtime. I love the voices he uses for each character. The book makes us smile and gasp and be impatient for the next installment. Better still ‘the Dragon’s Keeper’ is part of a series so hopefully it will keep us going a while.

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