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I have been thinking a lot about will power today. One definition is it directly corresponds to how much discomfort you are willing to to put up with in order to achieve a goal. I am not willing to put up with much when it comes to chocolatey, biscuity goodness. Recognising this fault in my make up has led to some deep cupboard inspection and I feel in order to give myself any chance of sticking to a healthy regime, I will need to clear the cupboards of all temptations. In have heard of ‘larder weeks’, where you just eat what is in the store cupboard, clearing out all the strange ingredients that were purchased, used for one recipe, then abandoned to roam wild and unfettered at the back of the pantry. The buying of essentials like milk is allowed. As a family we have cleared the freezer in a similar way, random single servings of unlabeled meals being bagsied by the children who thought they could guess what the contents might be. Freezer clear’s offer up surprises when the serving of beef stew turns out be seafood chowder or the children discover my stash of chocolate easter eggs frozen under the waffles and decide that’s what they want for tea. Things could get a little heated with siblings arguing over who gets the solitary chicken Kiev. Store cupboard clear will hopefully be more peaceful. I am looking forward to being creative with ingredients, almost jungle cooking, making do with what is there. 

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    I did a store cupboard inventory a few days ago. I was horrified to find things lurking,dated 2008……

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