Operation Elsie

Matt is a little subdued this evening as Elsie is going to be spayed at the vets tomorrow. She is a very nice dog and I am sure she will be fine but Matt is still worried. Elsie isn’t bothered, however I am sure she won’t be impressed with having to wear a flower pot on her neck until her stitches heal. They always make her extra clumsy, much to our cats disgust as she gets swished off a cushion as Elsie lumbers onto the sofa. Annie will also be very surprised to see Elsies new collar. I hope she doesn’t get the idea of popping toys down it as Elsie may not see the fun side of this new game. Whatever happens Elsie will have to have a few days of  r and r with lots of nice food and treats. A little like when Matt went for the snip…however Elsie won’t be getting a new nexus to help her if she gets bored lying around recovering.

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