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Bedtime stories

Bedtime stories

Here is a picture of Matt and Annie reading stories, I am not sure though, who is putting who to bed, but they look like they are having a lovely time. The book that Annie is looking at is the classic ‘Sophie la giraffe’.


Poor little Annie-Mo is still poorly. Thank goodness we currently have a fully functioning washing machine as I must have done at least four loads of washing today. The weather was beautiful, a gorgeous blue skied, crisp winter’s day. However -1 is no temperature for drying washing so inside the house there is washing draped everywhere. Today has been the… Read more →

Poorly little lady

Annie-Mo was sick in the night, poor little lady. She has been subdued and not her usual boisterous self. Other news and it would appear that Elsie is shedding. There is dog hair on everything that that doesn’t move, cups, utensils,books,face cloths. Does she not know it’s winter. Elsie dog you should be growing a thicker coat not sporting a… Read more →

Free day

Today was a staff training day at St Aidans. It’s a little odd for a school to have a training day in the middle of  term, I am not sure what the schools reasoning was, however the boys and I took full advantage of the free day to go shopping for shoes.Jay had walked through his and they now let… Read more →