So many diets to choose from

I have been researching different diets to immerse myself in post new year. The great thing about January, is lots of other people have the same idea and magazines know that, so feature fantastic recipes that otherwise would be renegaded to faddy expensive  recipe books. Over the years I have tried different approaches to dieting. I have the breaking power of a damp kitkat and as soon as the word diet is mentioned I start to crave pepperoni pizza. Now adays diet is a dirty word. Today it’s all about lifestyle choice. Fats are good, wheat is bad. Acid is bad, alkaline is what we should be aiming for. Sugar is likened to poison and should be avoided at all costs. The jury on meat is out, probably enjoying a burger, with chocolate fudge cake for desert.
Another point to consider is how to detox without causing the children to form a coup, hack my asda account and go wild in the junk food aisle. My cunning plan is to feed them what they like for breakfast and pack lunch, ie; bacon and pancakes,scrambled eggs on toast and the usual sandwich,treat, dairy, fruit/vegetable pack lunch. Then they will only have to put up with ‘wierdy food’ one meal a day. I also aim to ensure the meals aren’t too strange, just healthier versions of what I would be making on a normal day. Hopefully they won’t feel too aggrieved. What is worrying me the most is giving up coffee, I am not sure I can. Even now the thought of it sets me immediately thinking of excuses as to why I can have that fragrant cup of Joe daily without blame. Maybe I need to find another new diet or lifestyle choice that includes it whilst detoxing my liver. ‘Well’, I tell myself, ‘it’s only for a month’. Only a month, arrrragghhh.

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