Today was a cold start to the week, with freezing rain peppering Annie-Mo and I as we ran to Istanbul cafe in Harrogate. We were there to attend Donna’s birthday luncheon. The food was delicious, traditional Turkish fayre and with so much to choose from I can’t wait to go back. Matt is away until Wednesday evening so after dinner the children and I played Lego Creationary. The idea is that each player takes a turn to role the dice to decide what category the create from. They then take a card and try to make the picture on the card from Lego and everyone has to guess what they are making. The winner is the person who gets the most right. We had a lovely time with no arguments or sore loosers. Now the house is quiet, Felix has exam week so has gone to bed early and all the others are asleep. I am on my fast day so am going to go to sleep soon before I give into the temptation to go downstairs and raid the fridge, and cupboard and baking drawer and, and and…..

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