Mothers day

Happy Mother’s day all you lovely Mama’s and Nana’s and fairy Grandma’s out there. I hope you all had a wonderful day full of smiles and happiness. I had a lovely day, Sophie sang me a special song she had written for me, my favourite line was the one that went,
“Mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama oooooooo, mama mama mama mama mama mama yeah!”
Jay made me a lovely cup of tea in my flask so I could bring it to church, and Felix bought me a card, the first time ever one of my children has ever bought me a card all by themselves. Matt came to church and sang lots whilst Annie-Mo and I stayed in creche (Annie-Mo was not impressed with the idea of being left alone in creche and kept a very close eye on me incase I tried to slip away) Afterwards we bought lots of fabulous food and went home to eat it. What a deliciously brilliant smiley day.

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