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As a life long Paddington fan Matt has wanted to watch the new film ever since it’s Christmas release. Whilst collection g Sophie from school I overheard a parent talking about watching it this Saturday in the cinema. Our local Odeon cinema hosts a Saturday matinée showing recently released children’s films that have been dropped from normal cinema viewing but haven’t yet made it to dvd. The price of £2.50 per person is incredibly reasonable and makes taking the whole family to see a film possible especially if one of them is still considered a baby. All the children wanted to come and with the glee that having a really good secret imbues we set about making popcorn,buying sweets and packing up bags full of Annie-Mo nibbley treats ready for a 9.30am launch. Matt had no idea what was happening, and we all had fun building upon the secret and suspense by answering his shoe requirement and long journey questions obtusely. The film was great, Matt smiled the whole way through. Everyone enjoyed it and Sophie who went dressed as Paddington said she might even let Dada read Paddington to her in the future. Annie-mo was mesmerised up till the last 20 minutes and even the big boy said it was brilliant.

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  1. Matt
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    Brilliant film and a lovely treat. I had 73 Paddingtons in my room as a child.

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