So that””s a first. Since 2002, has posted at least one article in a calendar month; but as you can see, there””s a gap in the teeth of 2015 in the shape of April.

There””s been a technical issue – which I””m trying to resolve. There””s loads of technical issues actually, but I won””t bore you with the details. If I had a week to sort it all out, I would but the day jobs + 4 kids are screaming louder than dragondrop.

All is well apart from that though – I””ll try and get this annoying things sorted and normal service will resume in full technicolour.

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Blogger. Photogger. Walker. Talker. Experience designer based in Dubai. Co-founder of 4 kids.

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  1. Biddly Bong Backhouse
    Biddly Bong Backhouse at |


    I thought you had given up DragonDrop – your Blog has proved a source of inspiration to me. Without DragonDrop, I do not think Ijo Pona would be up and running – let alone have 4 years (approaching) worth of Blog.

    PLEASE keep up the excellent work – you two are an inspiration.

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