I””m in the back yard. I””ve just been handed a smoothie..

Wondering what I”m going to do with this here website. Back in the day when I was on a one man crusade to get everyone blogging, I used to say stuff like “don””””t think, just write”. I used to have people saying – oh but my life is so bland, there”s nothing to write about (to which I”d retort – of course there is.. and I was correct).

So, if that me saw the me today what would he say? Something like crack on! write blogs again! they were good. So maybe I should. I””ve also got that feeling that, because I”ve left a gap for so long, it”s going to be tricky to get back in the saddle. I”ve also got technical problems (one of which I”ve just sorted) but I”ve still got tech probs. It”s doing all sorts with special characters, performance is shot and media isn”t working.

I”ll have a think.

In other news, we”ve had a busy summer. I”ve changed jobs and am loving my new gig as a Senior User Experience Architect for a huge brand – I”ve gone client side again. It”s in Leeds so a bit of a daily adventure rolled in. Right, I”m off to finish tinkering with my Portuguese Braised Steak Stew.

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    Welcome aboard HMS Bloggy once again Matty – Resume course Mid-shipman Felix, steady as she goes Annie-Mo …..

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