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Deux Derp

Here’s a picture of me and my dog, kindly face – swapped, by a colleague at work who’s puts his high-end photoshop skills to good use both professionally, and for comedy value. Seeing this on here is awesome-sauce.

Amaze-balls. DragonDrop is fixed. Sort of. I had a stinker of an issue where the media and images were not working. I think they are now. I’m still wondering what to do with the site though – from taking it for granted as the ‘go-to’ place to braindump my thoughts and observations, up through the next level of ‘every single day for a year’ through not having it at all for ages, has left me thinking.. do I do something else with it?

At least I’ve now got the choice to leave it as is – a bloggy thing.
I’ve now got it back. Huraah. I’ve still got a few things to fix – like all the archives which stem back to 2002 or there abouts. That’s no small task yet it’s as dull as dishwater.

I saw a quote this morning (on instagram)

I just want to make nice things and get enough sleep.

Perhaps It’s the same with DragonDrop. Spend time making nice things and not worrying about the archives as much. Perhaps they’ll fix themselves.

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  1. Andy B.
    Andy B. at |

    Welcome back aboard HMS DragonDrop, Admiral Matt.

    I am glad one of my favourite sites is fixed!

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