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I’ve just completed my first ‘proper full week’ – Monday to Friday – at work since mid March. Got a new desk near a big window. Super happy. My professional life feels like it’s going through a bit of a level up which is good. I’ve done a bit of public speaking on stuff I’m passionate about (at Leeds digital festival and at the UX Summit I went to in San Francisco)  which feels like something I should be doing more of. There’s been some instrumental leavers and movers (in current job but more in my ex work places) which has added to a scent of renewal, in the air.

Some people have the jet set lifestyle all the time. I observed it present some unexpected oddities in the climate and daylight departments. I went from snow to high 20s to cold to high 20s snow again in the space of 3 weeks, but the main oddity was the daylight hours. Being near equatorial and time shifted  (Lanzarote) from late March meant I missed the clocks changing. By the end of April when I settled back in to UK, the nights had got lighter. This was quite head bending as I really wasn’t really expecting it. It was as if it had switched all of a sudden. Also, the day to night transition takes longer in a Northern aspect. This subtle cadence is something so ‘in the background’ you don’t really notice the change normally. However, having it go from one extreme to the other and back is an odd thing to experience.

I’m not complaining though. The novelty was good.

I’ve had a superb run of adventure over the past few weeks. I’ve expanded my mind with loads of new ideas and tallied up so many new bits of info, I think I’m going to need to install some more memory in my brains.

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