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  1. Mark Nicholson
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    How strange…after messaging you last night I had a sudden urge to start using my old Lomo LCA again after not using it for a while. It works but it needs to be reconditioned as it’s OLD and some screws are missing etc. So I do a search and the name Roger Lean comes up so I try to find out more about his services and the first thing I see is this…

    and then I spotted this post. He’s not that far away so I’ll hopefully be able to drop it off in person, assuming he’s still doing the repairs and my Lomo will be like new again. I can’t believe it’s only £35 for all that! When I went into tho Lomography shop they told me to buy a new one as the repairs are so expensive it’s not worth it. Thing is, I’ve had it for almost 20 years, I want MY Lomo, not one of the plastic Chinese ones (which I’m sure are great but…)

  2. Mark Nicholson
    Mark Nicholson at |

    Thanks for that, I spoke to him this morning and I’m going to send off the Lomo LC-A today and then I’ll be able to pick it up in person as he’s not too far away.
    I do remember Jonathan Smith, he was a very decent fellow (I’m sure he still is). I could do with him living round the back of our house, developing film is insanely expensive in these parts, I need to find a cheaper way of doing this. Still, had a great time today reacquainting myself with my knackered old Lomo.

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