It has been three months since the girls, Jaygo and I moved to Dubai however It feels like so much longer. We have achieved so much in that time and the children have done so well adjusting to their new surroundings. Sophie often says Dubai is like England but with more rules and better weather and I agree with her. Blue skies every day and a climate that can be relied on to be warm and sunny is wonderful after such a bleak winter. We all love the freedom of being able to swim everyday and having such gorgeous beaches close by.

Although Dubai is very expensive, the surrounding Emirates offer much cheaper choices when it comes to attractions. Recently we visited a safari park in Sharjah and this weekend we are hoping to visit Abu Dhabi which is around one hours drive from our house.

Ramadan is upon us and we are all enjoying the reduced working hours. The girls finish at 1300 and Matt at 1430. Everything shuts down from 1400 until after the fast is broken at Iftar. Work resumes then from 2000 until midnight. It is still an odd feeling visiting the opticians at 2100 but also quite liberating to feel less confined by time and having to squeeze everything into daylight hours. Despite most of her class fasting Sophie and her peers have been immersed in exams all week. Today is the last day and she is exhausted but looking forward to the chocolate cherry cake I have promised her for doing her best and revising every night.



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    If Sophie brings home a certificate, Sophie gets to choose tea. Glad to hear everyone is settling in fine.

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