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I’m trying out a new wordpress editor. It’s a beta – set to replace the boiled in wordpress editor. The output (the bit you are reading now) will not look any different (in theory) but my writing experience is different.

First impressions – it’s clean, it’s intuitive, it’s more like some of the other CMS type editors I’ve used (Squarespace, Episerver, Umbraco, Kentico + more).

It’s cleared up the writing space to be a clean looking white space. All of the formatting has moved over to one side (instead of the ‘kitchen sink’ that appeared underneath the content in the old editor. The (desktop experience at least) is augmented with ‘the kitchen sink’ on hover and a few of the options have moved off to the side. 

It’s also introduce the concept of movable and re-usable blocks – a feature that’s prevalent in a lot of the other CMS editors.

I hope that it’ll be a case of – new editor + fixed site (see recent hacked website tagged posts ) = increased posts. 

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