3 years in Dubai, Tim Kobe

So the other day (the 11th) marked 3 years since I’d landed in sunny Dubai. Lots has happened – and apart from the being away from relatives and friends – and obviously, the long shadow of Covid-19 has impacted so much over 2020… we’ve had a pretty good time so far.

My actual emigrate-a-versary was highlighted by a talk / Q&A I attended by Tim Kobe. Tim is most famous for being the designer who brought us the Apple Store, working directly with Steve Jobs to create a wholly new retail experience. He (and/or his company Eight inc.) are also credited for many other world class human experiences including Virgin Atlantic’s Club House.

Tim talked about a design journey, based on human outcomes as a priority. The journey up to that point involves strategy and tactics, but ultimately, the aim of the game is around value creation for the customer / user.

The secret to value creation is better human experience.

My journey as a designer has gone from a video game apprentice, through graphic and web UI design, into UX Architecture and design leadership, into end to end customer experience design. I’ve learned a lot about the latter, whilst being in Dubai, largely thanks to work class design program initiatives at my company. The talk Tim gave was an inspiration on Designing the human experience. I like that. Clear. Aligned. Keep calm. Design on.

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