DragonDrop is 20 years old!

20 years ago I started this blog with a tentative toe in the water describing our up-coming trip to Australia – which was the initial inspiration behind the blog.
Since then, it’s captured so much of our lives. Pre dating facebook by a number of years, in it’s early days, the forum was quite a big deal – a place for people to.. well, network, socially.

The domain had been running for a while before that with ‘Watchcam Adventures’ – a place for Casio WQV camera watch range. Photographers and geeks alike congregated from all over the world to share stories and build a community around the (at the time) embryonic pastime of taking digital cameras everywhere you go – now ubiquetous – digital camera in every mobile phone.

My two sons – now in their 20’s were wee bairns when this blog started, and this blog captured their (nearly) every birthday and achievement – and countless magical moments in between.

My two daughters came to life on this very blog as well. The birth of Annie Mo (where I delivered her myself in our hallway) was and still is the highest-hitting post of all time.

It’s documented (and promoted) musical projects such as the mighty FIRE parties – probably all 60 of them, RIFE Radio and the birth of many other projects in between, it’s followed us up and down the UK, across the waters to far flung places.

One of my fave projects for this was the DragonDrop Adventure T-Shirt Club – where – every time someone was going some place cool, I asked them to get a photo taken of themselves wearing a DragoDrop tshirt. Around 80 submissions in total.

Another project I loved was the 365 project I did here – where I blogged every day for a year.

All of the above has taught me so much about photography, the internet, life, and – doing something for the adventure of doing it.

Now – I have got busy with other things (for now…) . I’ve mentally mothballed this blog / domain… who knows where it will be in another 20 years.. maybe a metaverse or a flying car.


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