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After a hectic afternoon round Clifton Moor (retail park near York) we bought a new fish for the tank, (Felix called it Clifford) we scooted home, and got ready to go out. It was Stu Bleasdale’s birthday, and we were invited. about 15 of us herded into the top corner of pinocchios restaurant in Harrogate. Several drinks later, we presented… Read more →

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Happy Fridays ! It’s the weekend again. Maria came round last night – one of Eirene’s oldest friends who has just come back from traveling. We had a right nice meal, followed by a guided tour (photographically) through some of the places she has been to including South America, Australia, Cambodia and Thailand. Some fantastic photo’s and stories. Gave us… Read more →

Content free

Pretty content free week this week. I’ve had my nose to the grindstone at work. Quite a lot on at the moment. Been tuning into a (well I like it!) Radio station called “philosomatika” – Phy trance / Goa trance… deep… deep.. nice. Spent the moring in Sherbern this morning (near Scarborough) and I’m supposed to be going round… Read more →


Me and my boys :o) Simon Wigg and Emma took these great photo’s whilst we were at Druids Temple last weekend. Thanks to for kind usage permission.

Havok free

Didn’t end up at Havok – Roger had a bad back, Eirene went out round Harrogate with Tina (as you can see from the prior message!) so I decided not to go on my own. ! I ended up playing on for hours – top game ! It’s a bit like pictionary but on line. Saturday – Mark’s (Brian)… Read more →

Steady away

Steady away week really. Went out for some beers with Simon Bleasdale last night (I’m starting to sound like an alcoholic!) at BRB. very nice. bumped into loads of people I havent seen for ages. It was like old times. Hoping to go to Havok in Manchester tonight. It may fall through due to lack of support. Ahh well –… Read more →


This website got blasted round the jokes email circuits today –, so I made a piss-take site based at the comical expense of Simon W.

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About an hour ago, I watched the latest space shuttle (STS-110) take off live on CNN. You can watch the progress of the mission live on the internet (As I’ll be doing over the next few days) As well as live mission control, press conferences and loads of other interesting stuff, you actually get to watch the shuttle, the crew… Read more →

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Eirene chillin’ at Druids Temple Spent the afternoon, basking in the fresh warm sun up at Druids temple (near Masham) First proper ‘T-Shirt’ day I’ve had this year. Felix, Jaygo, Eirene, Simon Wigg, Emma and myself, jumped about, explored sat around and ate bourbon biscuits in this enchanting place. Took a few photo’s with a bottom end digital camera –… Read more →

Jaygo Can Crawl!

JAYGO CAN CRAWL !… well, drag himself along on his belly and move forward anyway. Cool 🙂 Had a load of lovely folks round for dinner last night. Simon Bleasdale and Caroline (have not met her before – lovely girl – “the boys dun good” for any one who knows Simes but have not met Caroline yet!), Tina na na… Read more →

Weekend ahoy

Well… Just about wrapped up for the week. Weekend ahoy. Hoping to hang out with my Mate Simon who has just come back from Australia (well, more recently Scotland..) Not sure what else is on the cards.. Lets have a look !

Welcome to our website!

OK – first real bit of content. What have we been up to ? well.. we are all planning and prepping for our voyage in May to Australia. I’ve just got back from Amsterdam with Mark and Dave, who became known as Brian and Pashcal. We had a great time. There are some photo’s in here Right – I’m off… Read more →