What have the Romans ever done for us? Given us the Latin ‘adventurus’; meaning ‘about to happen’, from advenire ‘arrive’. That’s what.

The ‘Adventure’ part of the ‘DragonDrop Adventures’ moniker, was spawned from “Watchcam Adventures”. Now defunct, but once the world’s leading forum on all things watch camera. Now-a-days, the ‘Adventure’ category is the flag bearer for new, unusual, exciting or daring experiences.

Trollers Gill

Day 19 – TROLLERS GILL, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Before I describe the Trollers Gill bit, a bit about what the weekend has shaped itself into..Friday – I did a ‘Dinner Party’ (I was calling it having some friends over for dinner, one of said friends called it a Dinner Party so I called it that as well) I did… Read more →


Ordinance Survey map detail, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Had a great weekend. Friday saw a very traditional ‘early doors’ with some old friends (ended up in the Tap and Spile – how old school is that?)On Saturday we went to see this place (featured in pic) – John of Gaunts Castle (site of) that I’d seen on an O.S. map… Read more →

Ireland pics

Finally stuck up my pics from our recent trip to Ireland. Took some lovely shots, including this one of Sophie, underwater at Hodson Bay Hotel swimming pool. Just before I got told “No camera’s in here Sir!” Click here to visit the ‘Athlone to Lough Kee and back again’ set of photos. Lovely weekend – Saturday, we went to Runswick… Read more →

Spiers House

Cracking weekend. Went up to Spiers House campsite in the North Riding Forest again. Went with some friends of ours who have the same shaped family as ours. Ended up stopping up for a bit on Friday night, Saturday we went for an epic walk across the moors and country lanes. Picnicked by a river then let the kids fill… Read more →


TIMELAPSE ANIMATION – pool side chill 2, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. I’ve uploaded a few more bits from our holiday.. (yet more to follow) We did a bunch of time lapse shoots – where you leave the camera to shoot every 15 mins (or 10 seconds) for a set period of time,then put them all together. Some results that I’m… Read more →


Hardraw Force, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. I’ve stuck a bunch of photos that I took (and that Alex took) from our marvelous camping adventure up on my flickr space. Click the big pic above or for more browse-o-vision.


Cor – it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Great weekend – went camping up at Hardraw Falls. This was followed by a superb FIRE party at XS nightlife. I’ve not enjoyed playing that much for ages. Ended up at an after party. This was followed by a rather chilled Monday. Photo’s from FIRE XXXX are up on my flickr… Read more →


John P is the latest adventurer to join the world famous “DragonDrop Adventure Shirt shot” club with this from Brazil:Click here to visit the shirt shot gallery. Obrigado John!