What have the Romans ever done for us? Given us the Latin ‘adventurus’; meaning ‘about to happen’, from advenire ‘arrive’. That’s what.

The ‘Adventure’ part of the ‘DragonDrop Adventures’ moniker, was spawned from “Watchcam Adventures”. Now defunct, but once the world’s leading forum on all things watch camera. Now-a-days, the ‘Adventure’ category is the flag bearer for new, unusual, exciting or daring experiences.

Adventure Clocks

I’ve just completed my first ‘proper full week’ – Monday to Friday – at work since mid March. Got a new desk near a big window. Super happy. My professional life feels like it’s going through a bit of a level up which is good. I’ve done a bit of public speaking on stuff I’m passionate about (at Leeds digital… Read more →

Huh! It works!

Huh! It works!

Here’s a picture of me and my dog, kindly face – swapped, by a colleague at work who’s puts his high-end photoshop skills to good use both professionally, and for comedy value. Seeing this on here is awesome-sauce. Amaze-balls. DragonDrop is fixed. Sort of. I had a stinker of an issue where the media and images were not working. I… Read more →


I””m in the back yard. I””ve just been handed a smoothie.. Wondering what I”m going to do with this here website. Back in the day when I was on a one man crusade to get everyone blogging, I used to say stuff like “don””””t think, just write”. I used to have people saying – oh but my life is so… Read more →