What have the Romans ever done for us? Given us the Latin ‘adventurus’; meaning ‘about to happen’, from advenire ‘arrive’. That’s what.

The ‘Adventure’ part of the ‘DragonDrop Adventures’ moniker, was spawned from “Watchcam Adventures”. Now defunct, but once the world’s leading forum on all things watch camera. Now-a-days, the ‘Adventure’ category is the flag bearer for new, unusual, exciting or daring experiences.

Holiday snaps

Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Here we are on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, en route to the Witches Cauldron – a fantastic swim through cave to a secret beach. More snaps»

Toronto DragonDrop Adventure

Toronto DragonDrop Adventure

John, aka ‘Bampa’ has just submitted this photo for the DragonDrop Adventure T-Shirt Gallery. Two first; 1./ the first DD shirt shot from Canada, 2./ The first time a DD shirt has ever been worn tucked in. You can see the CN Tower in the background. He apologised for it being out of focus – poorly camera.

Mark Ellis Stag Do Report

14 out of the 19 stags on tour I’ve been on a fair few stag tours. Ibiza, Portugal, Edinburgh, Brighton, Nottingham, Amsterdam – to name but a few. I’d probably say I’m a stag vet. This one had the feel of a traditional, all encompassing stag event – no holes barred, no horses spared. Full power 35 hour, 1 shower…. Read more →