What have the Romans ever done for us? Given us the Latin ‘adventurus’; meaning ‘about to happen’, from advenire ‘arrive’. That’s what.

The ‘Adventure’ part of the ‘DragonDrop Adventures’ moniker, was spawned from “Watchcam Adventures”. Now defunct, but once the world’s leading forum on all things watch camera. Now-a-days, the ‘Adventure’ category is the flag bearer for new, unusual, exciting or daring experiences.

Commuting sometimes sucks

My standard (condensed) commute. Yesterday was different. Yesterday was perhaps the worst commute I’ve experienced in a long time. An adventure of sorts, but certainly not an enjoyable one. My often beautiful drive across The Yorkshire Dales from Harrogate to Earby, was mired with multiple instances of horridness. Horizontal rain denied any natural beauty to make its way through my… Read more →

West Mersea

West Mersea

Stunning day today. The weather was amazing. We headed for the an island called Mersia – because I’d read about “The Oyster Bar” there.  We arrived a short while before it opened so decided to go for a walk along the beach. A very picturesque beach on a day like today – hundreds of little beach huts. – all painted a different… Read more →

Harrogate to Rawtenstall to Tiptree

Harrogate to Rawtenstall to Tiptree

Jaygo eats a well needed snag sarney after his night on a train.. Felix’s birthday today and we’ve set off on an adventure. Quite unorthodox for me to display a non birthdayee on a birthday blog – but we were up and out before the usual prezzies in bed tradition this morning. After Felix’s close buddies came over for a ‘sleep’… Read more →


Harrogate, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. We were lucky enough to be allowed up “Harlow Hill Tower” the other day, a purpose built astronomical observatory. It’s Harrogate’s highest point – 700ft above sea level and it boast incredible views in all directions – up Nidderdale in one direction and The Vale of York with York Minster visible on a good day,… Read more →

First Day

Big day today for the DragonDroplets. Felix’s first day at big school (St. Aidan’s) and Sophie’s first day at primary school (Grove Road Harrogate). Just watching Felix set off on his bike now on his big solo adventure out of the window as I type this. Mama stuffing last minute things into his ruck sack. He does look really grown… Read more →

Way out East

I’m as far east in England as its possible to go without getting your feet wet. Lowestoft. I’m down here on business. It’s the furthest east I have ever been in England. Two new county bags. I think I have now run out of English counties that I have not been to apart from that anglia one, if it actually… Read more →