Artists and their work. Original creation that’s not crap. Man made stuff for the senses that the senses haven’t sensed before.

Glade Festival 2009

Got back from Glade festival yesterday afternoon. Superb weekend. I’ve never seen a venue so geographically perfect for a festival as that place. A natural huge amphitheatre who’s crucible was filled with about 10 PA tents, out-door rigs, one main stage and about 100 or so side shows, bars, food joints, shops 10,000 ravers and assorted curiosities. The quality of… Read more →



Shantaram by, by Gregory David Roberts Finished reading this fantastic book last night. It’s a truly epic saga, a doorstop of a book that I’ve been draggin round with me for the last month or so – nearly a thousand pages of small type single spaced lines. I’ve often thought and said “You can judge a book by it’s cover”…. Read more →

We’re in Barcalona

Our lunchtime view – Park Guell, Barcelona Two days ago I was in minus 5 degree Yorkshire. Now basking in the sun. It’s (DragonDrop) T-Shirt weather. Clear blue skies above us as we sit in a little cafe at the foot of Park Guell, Barcelona. Green parrots chirping overhead, mixed with the sound of a jazz band floating from the… Read more →

Felix Art

Felix Art, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Felix made this. I really like it. I love the range of stuff that’s gone into it – different paint techniques, stuck on stuff, plastic wrappers, black paper… it’s all great in my humble unbiased opinion!