Typically two dimensional rectangles of words and/or pictures bound together in a physical or electronic form.

Aren’t kids brilliant

I have been sat on the sofa in the front room roaring with laughter whilst Felix regaled me with funny stories from his sleep over last night. I feel so lucky that he likes to chat with me and that we can share a laugh together. It’s such a lovely feeling being able to laugh with your children. Its also… Read more →


Since Christmas, nearly all of my downtime has been in the company of one of these – an Amazon Kindle. A few people I’ve spoken too have seen the kindle as a threat to ‘the book’. Perhaps it is.  Would that be the end of the world if the organic, tree ware book were to become as one with the… Read more →


I’ve recently finished reading the Horatio Hornblower books by C.S.Forester. 11 books indispersed around all the other books I’ve read over the last 6 months. After a while I realised I was addicted to a finite resource so I spread them amongst other reading. The series following the life of a Royal Naval officer from the late 1700’s to the… Read more →