Guess what..

Yep -= we are having another baby! Today’s scan (above) went well, all seems OK. Been trying to ‘hold out’ on revealing this information to all but nearest and dearest, which has been nearly impossible, thanks to Felix’s gleefully habit of saying “guess what mama’s got in her belly” to everyone who we see. So yea – it’s 15 weeks,… Read more →

Terry Waite

I’m at working at the Harrogate Exhibition Centre / Conference Centre / Royal Hall this week at the NATN conference. I’ve just watched the opening speech from a living legend – Terry Waite. What an amazing character that man is. nearly 5 years as a hostage, 4 in solitary. No books, no writing material, no conversation – nothing. An inspiring… Read more →

Internet fridge

Check this out – an Internet Fridge. I’m going to make it a DragonDrop mission to do a blog from a fridge. If anyone spots one of these in the real world, please let me know.

no title

About an hour ago, I watched the latest space shuttle (STS-110) take off live on CNN. You can watch the progress of the mission live on the internet (As I’ll be doing over the next few days) As well as live mission control, press conferences and loads of other interesting stuff, you actually get to watch the shuttle, the crew… Read more →