Matt, the main blogger round these parts is patriarch and assistant manager to a rather special family. Other members are: Eirene, patient and beautiful wife and mother to their three, soon to be 4 mini them. Introducing the DragonDroplets: Felix (born 1998), Jaygo (2001) and Sophie (2006).. [#4 details TBC]. Augmented with several pets, including a Labradinger dog (half English Springer, half Chocolate Lab), a Persian cat and a black cat. Ohh.. and some fish. And a guinea pig. Anything else? No I think that just about covers it.


A busy year. I’ve done more miles in the sky than any other year of my life. This year has had it’s ups and downs but on the whole, it’s been a heck of an adventure. We’ve lost some people (Eddie being the hardest blow for us) and we’ve gained some people. A few births, a few new friendships. I’ve… Read more →

RIP. John Edmund Power

RIP. John Edmund Power

I’ll never forget the first night I met Eddy. I’d been dating Eirene (his daughter, now my wife and mother of my 4) for a few months when she took me over to Ireland to meet her dad. He sat me down (with the bottle of Irish Whiskey I’d brought him) and drank me under the table. He was testing… Read more →