Matt, the main blogger round these parts is patriarch and assistant manager to a rather special family. Other members are: Eirene, patient and beautiful wife and mother to their 4 mini them. Introducing the DragonDroplets: Felix (born 1998), Jaygo (2001) Sophie (2006) and Annie Mo (2013). Augmented with a Labradinger dog (half English Springer, half Chocolate Lab).

Thornthwaite crate stacking record

Had a mainly cub related weekend – took the cubs out geocaching on Saturday morning – that was nice, Sunday we went to a ‘big adventure day’ at Thornthwaite cub camp. All sorts of fun activities on the go. Felix managed to set a new camp record for crate stacking (where you see how many milk crates you can stand… Read more →

Mowgli Cup

We’re so proud of our Felix. Yesterday was Harrogate’s 50th Annual Mowgli Cup – and Felix’s team WON! Every year for the past 50, Cub Troops from Harrogate have been battling their wits and intelect against each other to win the cup. 3 cubs from each pack are selected to form the team, in Felix’s case ’16th Harrogate’. 8 other… Read more →

The moment of realisation

The moment of realisation, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Felix is 10! this was the very moment about 2 hours ago when he opened his main prezzy – an MP3 player. He’s a happy boy. 10 years old. Quite incredible to think back over the last 10 years. So much has happened and yet it dosent seem that long ago at… Read more →


Day 144 – Eirene, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Here’s a piccy of Eirene speaking at the Optibus event. What a fantastic night that was. (more pics here) Doors opened at 7, by 8 the place had filled up nicely. Great atmosphere. Early doors Leonie blew me away with her fantastic bag of songs. Then Eirene did some ace poems to… Read more →

Groovy bridge walk

Day 26 – New Bridge, Birstwith, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Apparently, this is a Pack Horse Bridge and it is the bridge which the monks used to cross whilst walking from Fountains Abbey to Bolton Abbey and vice versa. ‘Discovering’ this was the highlight of my weekend I think. Breathtakingly good day, set out for a short local walk near… Read more →

Ireland pics

Finally stuck up my pics from our recent trip to Ireland. Took some lovely shots, including this one of Sophie, underwater at Hodson Bay Hotel swimming pool. Just before I got told “No camera’s in here Sir!” Click here to visit the ‘Athlone to Lough Kee and back again’ set of photos. Lovely weekend – Saturday, we went to Runswick… Read more →

Felix Art

Felix Art, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Felix made this. I really like it. I love the range of stuff that’s gone into it – different paint techniques, stuck on stuff, plastic wrappers, black paper… it’s all great in my humble unbiased opinion!

Mixed bag

Mixed bag weekend due to the terrible show from the English bid to get anywhere in the cricket. Quite a good day non the less, it was a friends birthday and he’d asked a few cricket heads to share his special day whilst watching the match. Bloody Marys for breakfast set the tone. After the cricket, we had a game… Read more →

first guinness

first guinness, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Sophie’s first taste of the black stuff. (before you report me to the authorities / rspcc we only wet her lip with it). She accepted it with a gleefull look in here eyes – sign of things to come? If she’s anything like her mother and father – I guess so. That’s my pint… Read more →

First photo ever!

First photo ever!, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. This is the first photo taken of our new baby girl Sophie. She is so sweet. This photo was about 20 – 30 mins old. Amazing. Everything went really well – all happened super quick. 8lb 12oz 11.04am official time (first twinge was 07:45 this morning!) Thought it was going to be a… Read more →


hoodrat, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Felix my boy is keen on getting a pet rat. I’ve just taken him to see the real things because the nice folks who have an office below mine have got some… It seems to like Felix’s hood.