Matt, the main blogger round these parts is patriarch and assistant manager to a rather special family. Other members are: Eirene, patient and beautiful wife and mother to their 4 mini them. Introducing the DragonDroplets: Felix (born 1998), Jaygo (2001) Sophie (2006) and Annie Mo (2013). Augmented with a Labradinger dog (half English Springer, half Chocolate Lab).


hoodrat, originally uploaded by DragonDrop. Felix my boy is keen on getting a pet rat. I’ve just taken him to see the real things because the nice folks who have an office below mine have got some… It seems to like Felix’s hood.

Guess what..

Yep -= we are having another baby! Today’s scan (above) went well, all seems OK. Been trying to ‘hold out’ on revealing this information to all but nearest and dearest, which has been nearly impossible, thanks to Felix’s gleefully habit of saying “guess what mama’s got in her belly” to everyone who we see. So yea – it’s 15 weeks,… Read more →

RIP my mum

Do I write this? Don’t I? I don’t know. A sad day at DragonDrop. My mum passed away after a long ilness in the wee hours of this morning. Rest in peace mum, I’ll always love you.

Felix looses first tooth!

Felix lost his first tooth this weekend and I’ve lost my voice. I feel pretty rough today. Had a good night at spent last night, and a good weekend all in all. Looking forward to Christmas now – just about got all the stuff sorted that I needed sorting. Have not decided on NYE plans yet – a few interestign… Read more →

Felix starts school

Felix’s first day at primary school pre-school today. Sounded like he loved it. He made cookies and ate them. His first thing that he did when he got there was to head from one of the computers (That’s my boy!). A teacher came up and started to explain.. “this is a mouse.. you move this about.. you put your finger… Read more →